How the Time Magazine Immigration Cover is a Perfect Example of Fake News

Time Magazine decided to put out a cover depicting, to them at least, the epitomization of President Trump’s Zero Tolerance immigration policy. On it, a picture of a crying toddler is cropped out of its original context, and is instead looking up at a looming (if not playful) Trump, with the text, “Welcome to America” … Continue reading How the Time Magazine Immigration Cover is a Perfect Example of Fake News

How Mainstream News is Trying to Damage Alternative Media

Outside the news of hurricanes and Trump, the next largest news story of today was how Felix Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, slipped up and said the “N Word” on his gaming live stream. The young Swedish YouTuber is arguably the biggest online personality of the past decade, and has gotten his … Continue reading How Mainstream News is Trying to Damage Alternative Media

Is Journalism Worth Saving In 2017?

Here’s the Brian Stelter Twitter thread I refer to later:   I read a fascinating Twitter thread yesterday where Brian Stelter, a journalist and correspondent at CNN, complained about what he called “anti-journalistic sentiment”. He claimed that criticism towards journalism is good, as long as it's constructive, but that most of the critiques being … Continue reading Is Journalism Worth Saving In 2017?

Why the Exposing of CNN Surprised Nobody

Here’s the viral video that came out today exposing CNN. Surprisingly made #1 Trending:   I’ve come to develop a philosophy in my life, due to something I’ve noticed about human psychology. “It doesn’t matter if you’re right, if everybody else is wrong.” A related philosophy is the notion of being so far ahead … Continue reading Why the Exposing of CNN Surprised Nobody

How New Media Pioneers Alex Jones and Dave Rubin Stood Against Fake News Today

For a long time now the keepers of old media have been trying their best to sink their already failing businesses even further into the depths of irrelevance. Publications like the New York Times and Washington Post put out false headline after false headline, and misreport so often I immediately scroll to the bottom of every article to read the corrections. The personalities of failing network news like CNN and Fox have had one career killing scandal after another. Its to the point where our president can yell, “FAKE NEWS” at a reporter, and most of America laughs and agrees with him.

Why We Should Be Worried About the Congressional Baseball Shooting

The irony here is that this blatant domestic terror attack did nothing for the political conversation in this nation. If Scalise’s armed security hadn’t been there, it's safe to say that most of those Republican congressmen would have been killed today. If the roles had been reversed, and the shooter was a Trump supporter firing on Democrats, we wouldn’t hear the end of this day. If this man hadn’t been a manipulated pawn, radicalized by leftist hate speech, we would have heard every Hollywood figurehead and pop star crying about gun regulation. Instead, we get none of that.