Important Information on Bitcoin

For those of you interested in the future of Bitcoin, whether because you own or invest in it, or you’re just sucked into the spectacle of it’s volatility, here’s a must-read article that explains the upcoming split and what it means for your investments way better than I ever could. It covers Bitcoin Gold, why […]

Why You Should Still Believe in Bitcoin (September 13th)

Just the other day, the president of Chase Bank denounced Bitcoin, calling it a fraud and urging people to move off the platform. Before that, the Chinese government banned Bitcoin investment, taking away a vital market for the Bitcoin economy. These apparent setbacks caused the value of Bitcoin to decrease and the meteoric rise of […]

Why You Should Still Believe in Bitcoin: July 2017

Something that I’ve never been able to understand these past years is people’s reluctance to embrace Bitcoin as a viable currency. I always chalk it up to a combination of factors, the greatest of which includes people’s lack of understanding of general economics, people’s blind adherence to what media elites have to say, and finally […]