Farewell 2018, Hello 2019

“None of this is going to change until the main issue is addressed. Universities in their current form cannot continue to exist. The strain created by this dichotomy in our very culture will only get worse unless something happens, and that doesn’t just mean suing for speech rights and tabling twice a semester.”

Why Chelsea Handler’s Netflix Show Failed

In reason number 500,000 today of why Trump is going to be reelected come 2020, Chelsea Handler announced that she won’t be continuing her self-titled Netflix series, and instead will be pursuing political activism. This announcement upset many, as it implies that Handler’s content and career already hasn’t been centered around political activism. Like many […]

Republicans Turn on Sen. Rand Paul as Trump Pressures Republicans to Deliver on Health Care

As news broke today that Senator John McCain wouldn’t be supporting the new Republican healthcare bill, I lost whatever little faith I had in the Republican Party and the political establishment. I’ve mentioned before that health care and immigration are the two greatest concerns of this nation’s citizens, and Republicans have gained their newfound party […]

Why the iPhone X is a Disappointing Announcement

With the recent controversy surrounding Silicon Valley these days, between Twitter and Facebook becoming quasi-fascist platforms, actively fighting against free speech and pushing social justice, and the drama surrounding Google, with the infamous memo and diversity lawsuit, the least tech corporations could do is actually innovate and justify their companies intended existence. Unfortunately, with the […]