Will Xbox One X Be Worth the Price Tag? – Xbox E3 2017 Recap

Right off the bat, Microsoft started their conference off by announcing that their console, previously nicknamed “Scorpio” was officially coming out this year and is called the Xbox One X. Now, while this name might seem cheesy at first, I actually think this is a smart move from Microsoft, for what they’re going with this console cycle. Rather than taking the typical stance of releasing a new console and killing off the previous one, (RIP WiiU and 3DS) Microsoft decided to create a console family out of the Xbox One generation.

How Wonder Woman Reminds Us How “Super” a Superhero Film Can Be

Right off the bat I wanna say that I think this is one of the few movies in modern times that gets both female empowerment and tonal consistency right. While I could write a whole other blog about how I think this  is a perfect example of a feminist film, my brief summary of what elevates this movie above others is that Wonder Woman is constructive, while other so called “feminist films” are destructive.