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How Japanese Anti-Terror Laws Raise Questions Over Safety Versus Freedom

Going through the list of 277 illegal acts, most of them make sense, especially when you take into account Japan’s unique situation of being an ethnically homogeneous, hard working, and honor bound society, whose citizens still pay a worldwide penalty for the cruel and vicious acts of their ancestors. As someone who supports a strong stance against terror, I welcome preemptive action and instituting order through law. That being said, some of these so called “terrorist actions” are ridiculous and clearly have a different motive.

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What Anti-Sharia Protests Teach Us About Both Sides

Several cities across America today held what were supposed to be civil demonstrations against Sharia Law. The demonstrations were put on by a group called ACT for America, which is a non-profit anti-terror group in the U.S. which was founded by terror expert (and terror survivor) Brigitte Gabriel. The point of the protests was to raise awareness about the barbaric system that is Sharia Law, as well as point out to citizens that Islamic beliefs, whether extreme or moderate, are not compatible with western values, ethics, and laws.

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You Should Care About the Terror Attack in Iran; Here’s Why

To recap, America is currently backing Saudi Arabia, who also funds ISIS who we’re enemies with. Iran is allied with Russia, and enemies with basically everyone else, but especially Saudi and ISIS after the terror attack. An interesting nation to watch during this is Israel, who although allied with the U.S. primarily, doesn’t have bad blood with Russia, although it is essentially mortal enemies with Iran, who prays for Israel’s destruction. You confused yet? Imagine how Trump feels.