UT Young Conservatives Harassed By Student Body For Defending Judge Kavanaugh

On Tuesday, UT’s Young Conservatives of Texas held a public demonstration, holding signs pictured above that defended SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Despite the important detail that Kavanaugh in fact hasn’t been linked to any of the negative sexual behavior that he’s being accused of, many UT students obviously didn’t feel that way. The YCT members […]

Is Film School Worth It?

I feel as if going to university to study film has garnered a negative stigma, with a strong implication surrounding every student. While it’s fair that film majors have earned their negative reputation, I really don’t think that majoring in film is the waste of time that people make it out to be. As someone […]

Taking Time to Reflect on Hurricane Harvey

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve surely heard of the devastating hurricane that rampaged it’s way through Texas these past few days, causing mass amounts of flooding and destruction, seemingly out of nowhere. Since I live in Texas, I felt some of the effects of the insane storm, including crazy floods, winds, and never […]