Hunting for Truth

We live in a world of “fake news” and soulless news aggregate sites. Not only is this dangerous for society, but it is dangerous for our collective spirit. Everybody is essentially forced to pay attention to the news to function, but it is almost impossible to read it without being fed lies, propaganda, and constant doomsday prophecies.  This means that in these times, certain crucial things are in short supply:

  1. Counter-Culture
  2. Truth
  3. Genuine Conversation

The internet puts humanity in a unique position, where people can share virtually anything with the click of a button. Despite this, the tech oligarchies and media overlords do everything in their power to manipulate algorithms and bury truth. Something as important as a mass shooting can be twisted and misreported in the name of social justice, and basic facts about health and science can be pushed to the wayside for the sake of an agenda. This means that now more than ever, it’s important to have a site you can trust to report on events, and share vital information.

Brave New World

Currently, a person in the United States can 3-D print a full functioning AR-15 in their living room, with a printer they purchased anonymously with Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency, using a tutorial they found on an anarchist guidebook online. Meanwhile, Facebook installs internet in the third world, connecting billions of people to their platform where corrupt politicians can pay for ad space, essentially guaranteeing victory in any election, and essentially instituting an authoritarian technocracy around the globe. While amazing new technology can liberate people like never before, it also has the potential to enslave people more effectively than ever before as well. We cannot become complicit, and we have to fight back against encroaching censorship and regulation on day to day life. Fight against two party systems that dominate and dumb down public discourse. Fight against corrupt banking institutions who want to coerce citizens to exchange with their currency through force. Fight against entertainers in Hollywood who try to normalize pedophilia while destroying any content that normal people actually enjoy.

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Ethan Berman is editor-in-chief of Bermansplaining and the co-founder of Cattle Productions an Austin, TX based production company. Ethan serves as the main creative and written voice for Bermansplaining, hoping to provide a much needed alternative viewpoint to the world. Ethan also writes for The College Fix.

Emily Shrode

Emily Shrode is a reporter and events coordinator for Bermansplaining, and a producer for Cattle Productions. She writes and captures video for the site.

Carl Fry

Carl Fry is a an Austin, TX based film-maker and co-founder of Cattle Productions. He lends his video and content creation skills to help with Bermansplaining‘s video content.


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